Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of my favorite things about fall is...

It' a two blog day! (See earlier post about Apple Slump...YUM!)

One of my favorite things about fall is carving pumpkins. I am by no means good at it, but I still think its fun. At the end you get a fun jack-o-lantern and toasted pumpkins seeds. Its a two for one-er.

Morgan went to a farm on a field trip earlier this month and got to pick out a pumpkin. She painted it last weekend with tempera paints, but the paint flaked off. So we hacked it up.

To explain whats going on in the pictures a little better: The pain was flaking off. Morgan drew on the pumpkin with permanent marker. I took a stab at with a steak knife and cut out the top.We scooped the seeds out. I stabbed at the pumpkin some more with the knife and tried to cut out what she drew. We washed off the remaining icky paint. A few mistakes were made (its supposed to be a haunted house if you can't tell), but we had fun.

We took turns taking pictures. Morgan has quite an artistic view when she takes picture I think. (Hers are usually the close-ups.) Next budding photographer?

Last years pumpkin was also a haunted house but we used templates and had special carving tools. I couldn't find where I stashed them this year. I think they got lost in the move.


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