Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glamping (Glamorous Camping) Party

It is January. That means I have to start thinking about my daughter's birthday in March. This is obvious to me, but maybe no so much to my husband. She also has her first communion this spring... yet another thing to plan!

Because of the two upcoming parties we are trying to keep the birthday celebration smaller. Even though I try every year, somehow it always seems to be a 40 person event. Matt calls them the birthday extravaganzas. Can I help it if I think my girlie deserves to have every birthday be wonderful and memorable? I only have one kid to spoil after all. And clearly too much time on my hands.

We always like to talk about birthdays around here, so admittedly January is not really the first time I've thought about it. Morgan and I came up with a fun idea for a glamping party a while back. Glamping - Glamorous Camping. The brainstorm session started out as bringing a tent inside the house and having her friends sleep over. Then it started to get sparkly and girly, thus the glamorous part.

After we realized this girl would be getting 2 parties this year, I am kind of second guessing the idea since she will want to invite all her friends and family over too and it will snowball into to 40 people crammed into my house scenario again. We will probably end up going to do something fun (trampoline park, movies, bowling) with one or two friends and have a family dinner to keep it low key, but I am still in love with the glamping idea. I hope I can still find a low cost way to merge it all.

Here are a few bits of inspiration for a glamping party that I have found along the way:

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Top to Bottom:
1. Making personalize pillowcases would be a fun craft for the girls to do at the party.
2. Campfire cake anyone?
3. What camping experience is complete without smores? Cute favor.
4. I love the color pallet for this glamping party showcases on Hotess with the Mostess!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Live Furniture

Go hop on over to Flat River Furniture and see some of the work that has been going on. Don't you love the natural elements mixed with an edgy style? The great part is they are livable.

If you live in the Rhode Island area you can find Flat River's work at Galeria United, a center for local artists in Pawtucket.

This gal owns this awesome custom manger. After searching for a home for my holy family, an not finding anything that was just right, I finally got one this season complete with birch bark roof. He did a great job of creating something that complemented the raffia type material of the figures.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go!