Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinterest Lunch: Wonton Tacos and Garlic Broccoli

Yesterday's lunch was probably the best idea I have ever had. I invited my lovely cousin, who is a new fellow Pinterest addict, over for lunch. We each chose items we had pinned on the site and wanted to try.

Let me just say, lunch never tasted so good!

Start off with these barbeque asian wonton tacos. Very easy and super delish. I was actually surprised how good they tasted with mixing the sesame ginger dressing flavor with bbq sauce. It's also a healthy taco option. 

Sassy Wonton Tacos
Eat this on the side. Best cooked broccoli I have ever eaten. Hats off to My San Francisco Kitchen for this one.

garlic lemon broccoli

Lastly, wash it all down with some strawberry lemonade. Warning: Though this is well worth it, it took a while to figure out the right straining method for the fruit pulp. We recommend using a collendar and draining it into a big bowl first, before putting it in the pitcher. It is way better than any store bought lemonade and healthier too since you can control the amount of sugar you put in it. Or use honey as Laylita suggests. So pretty too with lemon slices and cut strawberries mixed it.
If you have a ton of recipes on Pinterest that you want to try, but just haven't gotten around too... Or if your like me and are the only one in your house that will try it... call over a friend and have a Pinterest lunch. Happy eats!

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