Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Christmas Tradition

One of our Christmas traditions that we have developed of the past few years is giving ourselves (Mr., kiddo, and I) travel experiences instead of toys and things we can just buy ourselves. We put aside the wad of cash we would spend on buying for each other and our little princess and use it for a family vacation instead.
Between the presents Santa and other family members give, my daughter has more than enough come Christmas day. Mom and Dad do not need to add to list, and we know she will appreciate the experiences and memories we are making far longer. So when its time for our gift to her, we put together a package of clues. Clues might be books, maps, related ornaments or stuffed animals, etc. Then she has to guess where we are going. It's so much fun to put together and even better to see her face when she figures it out. She really looks forward to it too.
So far we have gone to Disney World, New York City, and Washington D.C.. This is year 4 that we are doing it and the plan to is to head up to the "great white north" (Canada). Test our toes the international travel so to speak. She'll think its exotic even if it really isn't that far from home.

P.S. I always sneak in a little extra non-vacation present anyway. Shhhh!!

Washington D.C. 2011 (Xmas '10 present)
Disney 2009 (Xmas '08 present)
NYC 2009 (Xmas '09 present)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tip: Pretty Presents

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Update: I made it through Thanksgiving without obsessing about Christmas! It was a lovely holiday with family and yummy food.

You betcha' I was up at 2:00 am the next morning though and heading out with the crazy shoppers! Its all about the experience whether its insane or not. I also came home and started decorating my house. Oh.... and the Christmas cards are signed, sealed and waiting to be delivered. Yup, I'm on a roll.

The BEST part though, aside from picking out the perfect present, is WRAPPING it! I've adopted this OCD wrapping behavior from my mother. I currently have several wrapped, but I keep wanted to add or change things. (Yes, I know they will just tear through it and throw away the paper no matter how much work I put into it.) Compared to some pictures I have seen, mine are not nearly as nice, but I also don't have tons of $ to poor into just the wrapping right now. I think a nicely wrapped gift just seems so much more special and you love it before you even open it.

And now for some dream prezzies...