Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Almost Late (Heart Crayons)

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I know I'm late to the Valentine's party. Posting about Valentines crafts is not very helpful when its 6:40 on Valentine's Day night. My apologies. I didn't want to pass up the chance to share this idea that another teacher had given me. I am long term subbing in a second grade class and this was the perfect no-sugar treat for them. Multi-color heart crayons!

1. Find a whole lot-a broken crayons.
2. Strip the paper off the crayons and break into smaller pieces if necessary.
3. Put into Reynolds Fun-Shape foil heart cups. These worked PERFECT! (I tried rigging up my own with tin foil and a cookie cutter when I was short one and it did not go as smoothly.)
4. Pop into the oven @ 200 degrees until all the crayons are melted.
5. Take them out and let cool. It does not take long and the crayon will pop right out of the foil no prob-le-mo.
 6. Package. My label said, "You color my world. Happy Valentine's Day!"

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I wish I had made these for my daughters first grade class, but the unwrapping of crayons was time consuming and I didn't have time to make 50 of them between the two. Maybe next year...

Happy Valentine's Day!