Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekday Project

I know that it is time to go back to work for the school year because I have started taking on larger projects, and I don't think my house could handle it if I start thinking too big. After watching some HGTV and Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out, I walked down the hall... past the shelf area that has not been touched since we bought the house... and thought, I CAN FIX THIS! So I got out the cleaning supplies, scrapper, sandpaper, and paint and began my work. If I had decided to do it in the morning it would have probably only taken me one day, but seeing as how I came to my epiphany after lunch it took two. Mind you, I am an impatient person and I don't properly wait for anything to dry so it should have taken a little longer. I've learned to live with this though and it works for me.

The UGLY Before Picture

I made a stencil out of construction paper, traced it, and painted over it with a small paint brush.

Pretty Endings
Right now I am feeling pretty pleased with myself, so I thought I would share. (Note: It is not 100% finished. It needs molding around the edges and shelves. Also, the bottom portion is a broken hamper thing that comes out and access to the tub is behind it... I would rather it just be a door.) The best part of this whole project was it was FREE (until I add the other things of course).

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