Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gussy Sews Inpiration Challenge: The Front Porch

This weeks Gussy Sews Challenge topic is: The Front Porch. This is not limited to JUST the front porch though. It could be a deck, patio, or anything of the sort.
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

The #1 thing I currently want that makes NO sense to have in my yard:

The 1st porch I have ever seen with a fireplace:

I really want a sand/fire pit in our yard. I'm thinking maybe benches instead of chairs though:

In addition to my ongoing list of wishes for the yard, I <3 string lights/candles/lanterns: 


  1. YES for fireplaces and stringing lights!! How awesome :)

  2. Ooh...I would love to string fairy lights! Great ideas!!

  3. Those are all beautiful pictures! Stopping by from Gussy and subscribing!

  4. Beautiful pics! Stopping by from Gussy Sews!

  5. Thanks you all for you sweet comments!


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