Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Give Me Old Time Rock and Roll

This morning, when I got woken up to find my husbands iPod on his way out the door, I was feeling a little annoyed because I couldn't fall back asleep afterwards. It's not job to keep track of other peoples' toys, right? However, as I lay there not sleeping I was was worrying about how he didn't have his iPod to listen to that day and got up to search for it again. I didn't find it and now I am going to spend remainder of the day feeling bad.

And that is true love. When you worry about each others happiness over the little things. When your emotions are connected. When you could not possibly feel indifferent about anything concerning the other person. My husband works very hard and gives it his all, and if music to listen to at work is what he wants, then that is what I want him to have. (Meanwhile he probably found it in his car on the drive to work, or has already gotten over it while I am still here searching.)

'06 Chicago

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