Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pretty Holiday Wreaths

There are so many great holiday wreath ideas out there. These are my top five favorites. One for every room maybe? 

Click on the links below to go to each source.

1. Full Greenery A twist on the traditional evergreen branches. The subtle scattered balls give it a touch of holiday cheer and displaying it on a mirror adds more depth.

2. Sparkly Champagne Colors I like the colors in this one and it could definitely transition into New Years. 

3. Tulle and Feathers What's not to like about tulle and feathers? This is definitely an extra girly one. 

4. Christmas Ornament Collection I have seen this wreath concept in a variety of styles and color combinations. The thing I particularly like about this version is the different sizes and its use of vintage inspired ornaments.

5. Spell it With Green I think initials have been a fad for a long time now, and it can get overdone. I'm probably guilty of this one, but I still like it. It's also something a different from he traditional round wreath form. 

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