Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Giving

I think my favorite part of this time of year is how there are so many opportunities to give back.

Even in our daughter's school there are at least 3 different collections... that I can think of off the top of my head... that are going on right now. They are such easy things too contribute that there is no way you can't. The simplest things can make a big impact too.

Yes the economy is tough, and many of you may be saying that you don't have the extra money to give out or the extra time to spend volunteering, but its not the only way you can help your neighbors.

My Stop and Show flier just told me canned goods are 2 for $1. I know that means when I go grocery shopping this weekend that I can donate a few extra cans to the Thanksgiving food drive to help families who wouldn't otherwise be celebrating with a feast like many of us do. There were also extra items I had in stock at home that we will gladly be donating for gift baskets to single, homeless moms who could use a little something special for themselves.

In my inbox this morning I found the following 2 emails with other ways to donate. Everyone will all be starting their Christmas shopping, if they haven't started already, so why not buy products that also allow you to donate at the same time, for no additional cost:

Gap is donating 2% of their gift card purchases to CARE or Communities in Schools.

If you would rather spend your money at small businesses, Lisa Leonard Designs is teaming up with the Red Cross and donating 10% of her proceeds from each sale to the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief. Plus when you purchase any handmade item from her you will receive a limited edition necklace. Two gifts fort he price of one, PLUS you get to support the victims of Sandy! (Use the code from the image below.)

My last suggestion, for something made right here in Rhode Island, is to check out Flat River Furniture. My father builds gorgeous, natural wood furniture and 20% of his profits this year are going to the Lions organization. If you don't see something right for you, talk to him about it and he can create something custom.

In short, there are so many ways to give back this year that require little or no effort. If everyone just pitched in a little we could make a whole lot of people's lives so much better. 

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