Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome Peanut, Goodbye Marina

This past weekend we adopted a cat. It was unplanned since we have been planning to get a dog to add to our family, but sometimes the world hands you a surprise. That surprise came when my husband fell in love with this cutie while we were casually perusing the animals at PetSmart. Originally I said no, but after heading to our next stop we knew we had to go back and get her.

Here she is taking her own picture. So technologically savvy.

Having both grown up with pets in our lives it is wonderful having an animal in the house again. She is such an affectionate sweetie and brings a little extra fun to the house. 

On a sad note, Morgan's betta fish Marina died this morning. It broke my heart since I have never seen a kid love a fish more. When she first got her she would carry her to the living room to watch movies together. We buried her in the garden this morning and said a little prayer. (Flushing fish down the toilet just seems so heartless to me, ya know?) Hopefully having Peanut around will help ease her sadness a little more.   

Whether its a fish, cat, dog or whatever animal friend you have, give them a little extra love today!

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