Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Game Night

Little known fact: I write for 2 other blogs. One is for a home care company and the other is for my dad's furniture business, Flat River Furniture. I enjoy writing and it keeps me busy. I'm also hoping one day it can be a little more than a hobby, but for now I write just for the sake of writing.

Tonight I wrote about family game night for Flat River Furniture and since I love game night I thought I would double dip and share it here too.

We love family game night. Monopoly, Clue, cards, Yahtzee, Life, etc. It's a fun relaxed time to get together and have some laughs while beating your loved ones.

It is also a low cost option for something to do together rather than go out to a movie, for example, which seems to cost more every time you walk through the door. This evening of bonding costs only the price of a board game (if you don't have one already, which you probably do) and maybe a pizza. Pizza is usually mandatory with this crew. Best of all, everyone can be included. Many games are suitable for a wide age range.

Go grab some family and a pile of games and get to it! 

Nice weather is coming and the daylight is lasting longer. Bring game night outside! We like this tree stump checkerboard. By using pebbles you never have to worry about loosing the pieces.


What is your favorite game to play?

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