Monday, March 4, 2013

Lace Shorts, Pink Lips

Yesterday morning on Instagram I joked that I was going to make the grandma look popular. I had on pink lipstick and mauve nail polish and a lace top. All things that remind me of my grandmothers, but in a great way. Check out the photo here. What you couldn't see was the bright coral skinny jeans I had on.

In all seriousness though I really like the lace trend, which is why it is slowly creeping into my closet one piece at a time. I think the next one should be these mint lace shorts at They are gorgeous. 

Mint Lace Shorts

Although trying a Forever 21 version costs half the price. Maybe one of each?

Either way I am enjoying the bright colors and pretty pastels this spring. Granted it is still winter here for a couple more weeks, but I have started bringing out the spring shades just to boost my mood. This is actually pretty strange for me because usually I am not a colorful gal. I guess I'm being converted this year to the world of color. 

I also started loving pink lipstick and I never used to wear lipstick. What is this world coming to? Maybe its because I finally found one that doesn't look strange with my pale complexion. 

I'm a fan of Blake's hot pink lip in the photo below. 

Are there any looks your are unexpectedly loving lately?

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