Monday, June 11, 2012

Date Night

This week I linking up with Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop. It has been a long time since I did one of these.

I love date night! Especially since we don't get to have them too often lately. When we were in high school we would go to the movies and dinner every week, if not a few times a week. I guess that's what you get to do when you don't have bills to pay... or full time jobs... or a house to care for... or kids to taxi...

Now I really appreciate those nights we get to go out (or stay in) together.

Not only do I love dates with my husband though, I love family date night too! For Christmas my mom plans a family night and gives it to us as one of our gifts and we all go out together for dinner and an activity like bowling or a hockey game. Sometimes we stay in just the 3 of us and have Wii night and a pizza. Other times it might be a mommy-daughter-date which are also fun and special to me. Who doesn't love a girls day together?

This past weekend I was super lucky and get to have 2 date nights. The first was with my daughter and we spare of the moment decided to go to a fireworks display our community has. We layed on the hill and watched the show and had fun taking pictures and video of the pretty fireworks with my phone.

The second was a family date. One of my parents' neighbors held an outside movie night in a baseball field with popcorn, drinks, and treats for the kids. I guess you could consider it a neighborhood date night!. They played Dolphin Tale (a really sweet flick). My parents, husband, daughter, cousin, and aunt, uncle, grandmother and I all went. It was a good time.

I wish I brought my camera. I didn't, but how awesome does this outdoor movie set up look?

So as much as a enjoy a good night out with my husband, family dates are pretty sweet too. <3

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