Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lalaloopsy Inspired Birthday

For Morgan's birthday this year she wanted to have a Lalaloopsy themed party. Incase you don't know who Lalaloopsy is, she is a rag doll (minus the sewn part) who seems to have her own toy aisle, but no party supply line... yet.


Luckily my sweet girl is not too picky so I got away with making the party Lalaloopsy inspired... bright colors, yarn, patchwork. To change things up a bit we also make it a breakfast party! It was fun, tasty, and was kind of nice not having the party consume the whole day.

We had yogurt parfaits, cereal, french toast sticks, cinnamon rolls, sausage, eggs, bacon, fruit salad, and muffins AND a donut cake from the fabulous Allie's Donuts to top it all off. While Allie's could not copy an image of a copyrighted product for me then did a great job of creating something for me that kind of looked like a mix of Lalaloopsy and my daughter.

For favors we got mini cereal boxes (took out the cereal and used it at the party) and filled it with a rice crispies treat, breakfast themed erasers, and a swizzly spoon. To the front of the box we tied a personalized spoon that we made out of plastic spoons and letter beads with a button ribbon.

For some reason I never remember to take a picture of everything and once the party starts I am too busy hosting to snap pictures. Better luck next year.
I can't believe my girl is 7!

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