Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Sewing Magic

Problem solved!

My daughter received a new bed set from Bed Bath and Beyond for her birthday. It is very cute with mismatched fabrics and ruffles. The set came with 2 matching valences, but the problem was we have awkward, short height, long width windows in our house. They require two valences by themselves. She also has a short height, short width window which needs one. 2+1=3.

So I thought and thought for 2 months about it and finally was inspired by something! A shower curtain none the less. Thank you Poppy Talk! My other favorite ruffle-y curtain was this more dramatic one, but dear daughter preferred the other. Here is my interpretation:

The trick: 1. Buy basic 2-pack of Target curtains. 2. Cut up strips of fabric (in this case the unusable valences). 3. Sew a line down the middle of the fabric on the sewing machine. 4. Pull the strings and scrunch for ruffle effect. 4. Sew ruffles onto curtain at desired heights. (I did 4 and 6 inches apart.) 5. Hang up.


 Pssst... Notice the paper tissue flowers (from the birthday party post below) hanging in the corner.

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