Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am feeling really inspired by a blog that I watch constantly. Its by a photographer and mom named Jill Dubien. I can't get enough of the things she posts! They are really fun and whimsical. I was feeling so inspired that I thought I would share some of the masterpieces I have been creating, and what better time than right after the 6th birthday party that I threw for my daughter. I did some mini DIY projects for the party and was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The Theme: Fancy Nancy
I used pink and white Chinese take-out containers and filled them with ring pops, candy bracelets, butterfly stickers, and a stamp set I found at the dollar store in the shape of a purse. Each guest had theirs personalized with their name in glitter. The tags read "Thank you for coming to my soiree!"

My favorite project was the tissue paper flowers we made and hung from the ceiling! They came out awesome and looked great. I hung three over the table and three in the family room. They were super easy too.

Re-use! I had bought this cake stand for my wedding and although it ended up being too small, it was perfect for fabulous Fancy Nancy party cupcakes!

I thought these cupcakes were going to be the death of me. They took 3 hrs. to make, but I think were well worth it. Whats fancier than a double layer cupcake? They were Funfetti, with vanilla frosting and silver sugar gems... and a Fancy Nancy ring to top it all off. Some were spiky and some were swirly. I think their is definitely room for improvement w/ the frosting, but not too bad for a first shot.

The girls had a great time. They had a dress-up with costumes, jewelry and my grandmothers old hats. Too cute! Then they put on a fashion show. There was bracelet making (a great way to use up some beads that have been taking up space) and some Fancy Nancy print-outs. Fabulous Dah-ling!

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